Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Knife Cabinet Imprisons Son of the Voodoo Knife Holder

Pity the poor little dude at the bottom of this knife cabinet, barely getting out of the way of the longest knife. This 11.5-inch mini-cabinet holds a variety of knives that you supply yourself, the longest one with a 9-inch blade. Get a 9.5-inch blade to really put the hurt on the poor little guy.

He must be related to that poor son of a bitch doing time as the Voodoo Knife Holder.

Who needs a pierced-head knife-block, or a pierced voodoo doll knife-block, when you can have a man-in-mortal- terror-cowering- from-your-knives knife-block?

Inspired by the Sword Cabinet illusion beloved by magicians, this novel knife holder features a crouching figure behind glass. Slots on the top hold 5 knives of varying widths and lengths, from a paring knife to a chef's knife with 9" blade. Cabinet is MDF with a black finish. 7 ¼" W x 11 ¾"H x 4"D. Knives not included. Exlcusive to our company.

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