Friday, October 26, 2007

Tokyo Motor Show preview

'mazda taiki'

the tokyo motor show always features some of the most outrageous and futuristic concept cars. this year's show
is no different, featuring the mazda taiki, the yamaha tesseract and the honda puyo. the taiki is based on the
concept of air flow, creating an extremely streamlined and aerodynamic design. the tesseract is an extremely
unique vehicle that would best be described as a motorcycle with four wheels. the puyo is a bizarre looking car
that is designed to be people-friendly and makes use of fuel cell technology.

this years show will also feature five types of test rides, where visitors can actually come in contact with the cars
to add to the entertainment. the show is open from 10 am - 6 pm from october 26 to november 11 at makuhari
messe in chiba city.

see the location
see the show floor

'mazda taiki'

'yamaha tesseract'

'honda puyo'

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